Publicaciones Libros  (Grupo Akanthos)

  1. Los genes de la alimentación y del deporte (2019)

López Farré A.; Zamorano León J.; Rodriguez-Pardo JM.; García García JM.: Fernández Tresguerres J


       2. Plátano Canario y Salud (2018)

López Farré A. y col.  (Zamorano León; García García; García Fernández; Laich de Koller)


Publicaciones Científicas

Publicaciones Grupo desde 2017

Decision tree learning to predict overweight/obesity based on body mass index and genepolymporphisms.

Rodríguez-Pardo C, Segura A, Zamorano-León JJ, Martínez-Santos C, MartínezD, Collado-Yurrita L, Giner M, García-García JM, Rodríguez-Pardo JM, López-Farre A.  Gene  2019; 699; 88-93


Effect of pectin on the expression of proteins associated with mitochondrial biogenesis and cell senescence in HT29- human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells

Zamorano-León.JJ;  García García JM; Calvo Rico,B; Lopez Farré A. (2019) Prev.Nutr.Food Sci 2019; 24(2): 187-196


Comparison of body composition variations between hydrated and dehydrated judokas and wrestler

Calvo B.; Fernandes Monteiro L.; García García JM. (2018) Retos


FXa inhibition by rivaroxaban modifies mechanisms associated with the pathogenesis of human abdominal aortic aneurysms

 Moñux G; Zamorano Leon J; Laich de Koller G;  García García JM; Calvo Rico B.; Lopez Farré A. (2017)  British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Assessment of allostasis and of the allostatic load as a control tool of the training

García García JM; Calvo Rico B.; Laich de Koller G. (2017) Asian Martial Arts Journal